Sunday, August 10, 2014

Restaurant road trip

Oftentimes, having a touch of wanderlust along with a little boredom will result in what many people call, "an adventure." Throw in a little hunger, and said adventure just might take a culinary turn. But such a turn can be quite rewarding depending on what sort of food is involved. As my friends know, I'm generally up for an adventure of almost any kind. I say "almost" because there are a few things that you won't find me doing—no matter what.

So on this fine Saturday afternoon, I got the itch to get out there and do something. A few of my friends have visited two different eating establishments and reported on them on Facebook. The two places are a mere one-and-a-half miles apart. Since one is suitable for lunch or dinner and the other is suitable for dessert or a treat, I figured why not visit both on the same trip and enjoy a complete meal?

For an early dinner, I started with the lunch/dinner place. Go figure. Being the fast food junkie that I am, you won't have to twist my arm to try a new food item—provided, of course, that it does not include mushrooms, mustard, mayonnaise, cold cuts, or other things on my "Will Not Eat" list. Eggs are also on that list, but so many things contain them that I can't exclude them unless I would be eating them by themselves. You won't catch me eating eggs at any meal unless there's some sort of firearm pointed in my general direction. On an eating adventure, running into such things means that the adventure has taken a turn for the wurst.

Out in Glendora, CA, there's a place called Grand Burgers. I suspect that it got its name because it's on Grand Avenue. Because the food is rumored to be good, maybe I was in for a grand meal. Let me put my phone away and go inside.

There weren't many people in there, and there were plenty of empty tables waiting. My guess is that I stopped by somewhere between a late lunch rush and an early dinner rush. People are eating later these days for some reason. Unfortunately, that's not so good for us in terms of our health.

Grand Burgers looks like just about any other fast food place. As you can see (but not read), they have a pretty extensive menu. But I already knew what I was going to have.

Note that they serve Coca-Cola products. They know what's best.

As a practicing diabetic, I need to be aware of what and how much I eat. This is why I stick to cheeseburgers with no larger than quarter- or third-pound patties. (Yes, a diabetic can have a cheeseburger. I need to write a post about that because so many people remind me that I'm too dumb to choose suitable food for myself, so they offer to "help" me.) A long time ago I ate french fries without fail when I had a cheeseburger. These days, if I get any kind of side, it's onion rings or fried zucchini. Today an order of onion rings just sounded good. They had three sizes, so I got the smallest. There were enough onion rings in that order to feed at least two people, and generously at that. I imagine their large order would feed an entire football team. Food is served on a good quality plate. Here's dinner:

With so many onion rings, I ate less than half of them. They appeared to be sliced, breaded, and fried on the premises, rather than the pre-made kind. Didn't matter; they were good.

The burger wasn't The Greatest Burger Ever Served in the History of the World Bar None™, but it was tasty. To be honest, I prefer my meat patties a little thicker. The staff was extra nice—perhaps the nicest I've encountered in quite some time. On my way out, while I was refilling my cup for the trip home, one of the ladies noticed that I had the rest of my onion rings in the little boat they came in, and asked me if I'd like a bag for them. Heck yes I would. That would make them easier to carry home and store. In my experience, it's not often that someone offers you a bag for leftovers at a fast food place.

Overall, next time I'm in the area I'll stop in there again, but I won't make a 150-mile round trip drive to do it again. That said, it was nice to get out and visit a different county for a change.

So now that I'm full of cheeseburger, onion rings, and Diet Coke, it's time for dessert. Up the street, around the corner, and down Route 66 about a mile is Donut Man. The friends who'd visited this store had mentioned that they were selling "peach donuts" and I wanted to check it out, never having heard of them.

The banner was tucked under the roof a bit, but there was no mistaking what it said.

Fresh peach donuts. I was going to take one home. The line was short, so I reached the window in no time. As I stood there, I figured that since the girls like peaches, why not get them one as well? When I was asked what I wanted, I said, "Three peach donuts." The guy said, "$12." $4 per donut?!? Pretty expensive—almost county fair prices. But when you consider that this is quite an unusual treat, $4 doesn't sound so bad after all. Besides, these were almost big enough to have some now and the rest later.

I half thought about getting a strawberry one, but went with peach because that's a more unusual flavor for a donut. While not actually getting into the donuts to eat, I did want to see exactly what they did to create them. These are big glazed donuts sliced in half and filled with peach slices. Sort of a peach sandwich on donut bread.

So there you go. This wraps up my adventure of the day. Maybe next time I'll take in a bakery. Hopefully nothing will go a-rye.