Friday, August 29, 2014

Ending your life before you're done with it

All three of you who read my blog (yes, I added a reader from North Dakota...North Virginia—one of those northern states) know that most of my posts range anywhere from silly to funny to informational to delusional to DUCK!!! Just for fun, I thought I'd take a break from that and go in a more serious direction. Life isn't always grins and giggles, and sometimes there are serious issues that need to be examined.

The recent death of actor Robin Williams by his own hand was what inspired this post. Very honestly, I was never a huge fan of his, though I did appreciate a few of his movie roles. There seems to be two schools of thought regarding taking one's own life. One says that those who make that choice are selfish. The other says that no one but the person who makes that choice knows the true extent of the pain or suffering that they're going through; therefore, by ending their life, they are ending their pain and suffering. As for me, I'm in the second camp as I don't really "get" the selfish part.

For many people, choosing one camp over the other would be the end of the discussion. However, as is typical, I have to make things even more difficult. As a Christian, I can't just leave it there, as there is one other thing to consider. What does God have to say about this? It's really straightforward that God doesn't want His people to go and kill themselves—especially over something trivial that may have happened and could have been resolved with a little prayer and some patience. The taking of an innocent human life, whether our own or someone else's is not right. In the process of doing a little research, I found this page and thought it was a good read. Take a look if you're so inclined. And I would advise that you be so inclined because what's presented there will set you straight.

As a few of you know, I've been struggling with a few things in life. Not gonna lie to any of you—the thought of turning in my keys early has passed through my brain a few times. Let's see...not working for almost four years, dealing with a failing marriage, managing a chronic disease, and trying to straighten out financial troubles kind of gets to you after awhile. Fortunately the brainular equivalent of the TSA stopped that thought and no such action has taken place. (Otherwise, who'd be entertaining you here today, huh?)

I feel for people who are suffering in any way, shape or form. So far, I have no close friends who have taken their own lives, and I hope it stays that way. In my life, my job is to stay connected to God and communicate with Him what my needs are, and to have faith that those needs will be met. And to understand that such things are done in His time, not mine. It may not happen tomorrow or this weekend, but it will when the time is right.

Writing this post made me feel a lot better than I was when I started it. It's good to get things off of your chest once in awhile.